Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm A Big Boy Now - Part II

Part of encouraging Joaquin to give up the pete was to celebrate his 3 1/2 birthday. We did this with the cake of his choice and of course he chose a superhero "Spider Man". Although, I have decorated cakes before never one like this. It wasn't too difficult just time consuming...making the cake, the homemade buttercream icing, coloring the icing just right, filling the bags and so on. I think you get the picture. When I finished I let out a very big sigh of relief. However, it was well worth it. Joaquin loved it and kept saying it's sooo COOOOL mom! That alone made it all worth while. It also helped give us a reference point that he could grasp. We now refer to his 3 1/2 birthday party and remind him what a big boy this means he is whenever he starts to make unwise choices. He understands and although he doesn't always immediately comply it doesn't take long with him reflecting on all the we have talked about for him to understand and choose the right.

As you will note in the picture Joaquin currently has an adversion to clothing. I dress him every morning and some time during the day I will walk in and his shirt will be off...I ask him why is his shirt off and he answers with some jibberish that I have yet to understand. We came home from the library yesterday and not only did he take his shoes off but yes, you guessed it...his shirt and shorts as well. He is comfy and runs around and plays and has a good ole time feeling free with just his diaper/loin clothe :) He is so fun.

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Caroline Brock said...

Your cake turned out amazing!! Go super mom! I have the same problem keeping clothes on my Abigail--I hope it's just a phase!

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