Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Master's Hand

Yesterday my family had the most fortunate opportunity to visit the Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. It was an experience like no other...

Although there were many of his works on display. There were three of his altar pieces that really, really, really touched me.

The Doubting Thomas 1881
When we entered the exhibit this painting was the first thing I saw. Right in front of me larger than life. Joaquin and I moved over to the side out of the way and sat down on the floor to soak it all up. The first thing we both noticed was all the light on the Savior. In fact, the light appears to emanate from Him. We looked around to see if it was the reflection of light from a spotlight but there was only one small light directed at this huge painting.
Then we read the background and discovered that the artist had chosen to take a different view of this event. Interestingly enough most works of art based on this scriptural event show Thomas touching the Savior. However, Carl Bloch chose to paint the moment that Thomas knew it was the Risen Lord. I know the little bitty one I have above doesn't do it justice but there is such a look of shame yet joy on Thomas' face. Shame that he doubted joy that his Lord lived!

Christ in Gethsemane 1879

I never knew a painting could touch my soul. Could deepen my understanding of my Savior, but viewing this painting was a sacred event for me. So, all I'll say about it is that I am so grateful for the talents of others that strengthen my own testimony. It was a very special thing to share with my Joaquin.

The Daughter of Jairus

I loved this one not just for the scriptural event it was based on but for the manner in which the artist chose to depict the event. As with The Doubting Thomas the artist chose to paint a different moment than was typically painted. He chose the most intensely sorrowful moment. Why would I like this depiction? Because as you look behind this moment of grief you see the Savior entering the door and you know that light, life, and joy are about to fill this room. "God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son".

Monday, March 14, 2011


I wouldn't say I am a "visionary woman", but I would say that at times in my life My Heavenly Father has communicated with me through a dream. I've never thought to record one until now. This one was meant to be remembered. I knew it the moment I awoke. This one was a gift, explaining painful trials of the past and something to hold on to while living through those of the future. It was light and life from the very source. I knew I had to record it, not the details, but the feeling. The feeling of peace, of hope, of light, of love of truth. It was no "Lehi's Dream" but it pointed me to the tree whose fruit is desirable to make one happy, whose beauty was exceeding of all beauty and precious above all. Whose fruit was desirable to make one happy and fills my soul with joy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Out of the mouth of Babes

While taking a nap recently I heard Ezekiel enter the room. He came to the bed and called for me..."Mama.", "Mama." but I being so tired and not wanting to get up just yet remained with my eyes shut tight. His solution naturally was, "COCKADOODLE DOOOO!" because if Mom won't listen to him she of course HAS to listen to the rooster!"
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