Thursday, January 29, 2009


I first fell in love with the artist in Rodrigo, how he could bring feelings to life through art, words, or music. It is one of my greatest longings to be able to express my heart through these mediums but alas it does not come naturally to me.

This week has been a very difficult one for Rodrigo. For beginners he has job hours from 8:45pm to 12:45am Mon - Thurs and 4pm-8pm Fridays. His classes begin at 9am so he leaves the house around 8am giving him, if he is lucky, about 5 hours sleep. In addition to his crazy work schedule he had an exam or project due in every class this week. And the cherry on top of it all is that he had a mix-up with his text book for 2 of his classes so he was WAY BEHIND! He was leaving each morning and not coming home until after work in an attempt to catch up somehow. Well, if you know my husband you can understand when I tell you that his project for his Digital Media class was due Monday morning but he didn't remember this until about 1am Sunday night. He had done most of the legwork but now had to put it all together. He stayed up the remainder of the night finishing the project. The result is what you see above. When I awoke in the morning after he had left for school I came to check out what he had done and was impressed. But I am his wife right? :) Anyway, he told me later that day that the teacher shows the projects to the entire class and they vote on who they think is the best for the teacher's "Hall of Fame". The teacher then chooses from the classes favorites a first, second and third place. I could tell Rodrigo was secretly hoping he would be the winner and to tell you the truth I was thinking how cool it would be too. Anyway, today he came home to tell me that he received first place in the teacher's "Hall of Fame". All I kept thinking was he spent 5 hours one night to complete that project and he did so well? Unbelieveable and thank goodness. He was teasing me saying that he wanted to win everytime and I looked at him with this "Don't get cocky now" look and he responded with a very unconvincing, "I wouldn't feel right winning them all" We both laughed. I wish that I could say there was such a wonderful ending to his other two class exams but well you can't have it all.

When Rodrigo creates like this it really inspires me to dig down deep within myself and find what little God given talent I have in the arts and to cultivate it. I once did this with singing and was amazed and pleased to find how the Lord magnifies our efforts. I am now pondering attempting something new...I am digging, searching, and hopefully soon discovering.

Sunday, January 18, 2009



Where's the syrup?

I recently took Joaquin in for a haircut and when the stylist asked how I wanted it I said, "You know nice and short like a missionary haircut". She proceeds to pull out the electric razor, and I think she is going to do what the stylist always do... trim the sides and back and shave his neck a little. Nope she just starts shaving his head leaving these wispy pieces on top. I totally freaked out on the inside although all I said was, "you aren't going to shave it all over like that are you?" She said no but then I got even more worried because what was this wispy stuff she was leaving on top? Well, I guess in Utah when you say missionary haircut what you see in these pictures is what you get. Which looks great but I wasn't prepared for it. Joaquin thinks karate must be a part of everything hince the finger/hand positioning.

Last night Rodrigo and I took the kids along with us out to dinner at Carrabas (one of Rodrigo and my favorite places to eat.) Joaquin looked over the kids menu and decided that he wanted the chicken with penne pasta. He wasn't quite sure what the penne pasta was, although he has had it before and liked it. I explained that it was something like macaroni and cheese without the cheese...butter instead. He is a superman fan of mac and cheese right now so that was all the convincing he needed. When the waiter brought his plate Joaquin followed his normal ritual..."It's hot Mommy blow it". He says this before he even tests the temperature of the food. I mean it could be ice-cream and he would say "It's hot Mommy blow it." No matter how many times I remind him that he is a big boy and can blow it himself he just isn't satisfied til I blow it. Guess mommy has magic cooling breath. Boy, he won't believe that for long will he? Anyway, I cut the chicken and satisfactorily blew several pieces in advance and began attempting to eat my own dish. Moments later Joaquin looks up at me, then looks at his dish, then looks at me again and says..."Mommy where's the syrup?" Visions of waffles, peanut butter, and never enough syrup to please danced through my head...Macaroni/penne without the cheese/syrup. I kept my composure and told him with an ever widening grin that this pasta didn't come with syrup but I would get him some. I asked for marinara sauce mistakenly thinking that would satisfy his syrup/cheese craving but no, that was "yucky". Well, he eats it at home. In the end he just had to settle for eating his pasta syrupless which needless to say didn't get eaten. I guess at least the chicken came with syrup/ketchup.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey You...It's Me

Truman G. Madsen wrote, “The temple is the catalyst whereby the self is revealed to the self.” (The Highest in Us, 98)

I recently attended an endowment session for the first time since the birth of Ezekiel. Entering the temple that day I felt an awakening within me. I have always felt like temple attendance has a way of putting life into proper perspective but this time I recognized the physical effect that it has on my being. My spirit seemed to jump for joy within me as it recognized this small piece of "home" here on earth. I began to ponder this reaction while I attended the session and more while in the celestial room. Something that came to mind in comparison of what I had felt upon entering was the tumblers in a lock...that is how it felt. Like I had found the combination and each tumbler clicked into place unlocking part of me. Maybe that sounds silly but for the first time in my mortal existence I truly recognized ME an eternal separate being from this physical form. Later that week I was reading a wonderful article in this month's Ensign and found this Truman G. Madsen quote which described my experience exactly. How wonderful to have someone put succintly into words what I felt. What a blessing that our Father in Heaven would prepare for us a place where we can go and remember. Today in this crazy world I am so thankful for this holy place where he reminds me that I am His.
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