Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What is in a name?

Today Joaquin and I were playing witht the etcha sketch. He asked me to draw a face for him so I drew a quirky guys face. When I was finished he asked me what his name was and I said well, what do you think we should name him? He didn't respond so I started giving him choices...This is something how it went:

Me: Rob?
Joaquin: No
Me: Reid?
Joaquin: No
Me: Frank?
Joaquin: No
Me: Teddy?
Joaquin: No Mommy! He isn't bear!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cake Truffles

I guess my family really liked these because this lone truffle is all that is left within a few short hours of making them.
To make these I used the "Red Velvet Cake Balls" recipe from Bakerella. I did not have a red velvet cake mix so I used a chocolate cake instead. I have to say that I definitely prefer the red velvet cake to the chocolate on chocolate, but they were still yummy.

Laughter, Always the Best Medicine

I am telling you if this doesn't tickle you...nothing will!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"He that falls by himself never cries." ~Turkish Proverb

I don't know if this proverb is true or not as I can't remember the last time I fell and was by myself. It seems the nature of falling includes that there be spe

ctators. Yesterday was no exception for me. I was coming down the stairs of our condo balancing Zeke in one arm and my baby bag in the other. This normally isn't a difficult feat. However, a big roll of packing tape, that was lying in the grass just left of the stairs, caught my eye and it mesmerized me. I was thinking, "Is that our tape? Did Rodrigo let Zeke bring it out when they were playing outside yesterday? That is sooooo something Rodrigo would know just let Zeke take with him whatever was in his hands at the moment and then not make sure it came back in the house." I guess my consequence for thinking such things of my husband was to fall because at that precise moment as I was thinking I was stepping onto the sidewalk and not another step my foot landed awkwardly on the next step, my ankle twisted terribly and down I went. All I could think as I was falling was to try and soften the fall for Zeke and in doing so my left knee took the entire brunt of the fall. Luckily, I didn't land directly on my knee or I am sure I would have shattered my knee cap. Zeke landed and hit the back of his head and I was desperately trying to pull him up so I could check to make sure he was ok, but the pain shooting through both my legs was overwhelming. I looked up at Joaquin and told him to run get Daddy. He was a good boy and ran up the stairs. Now, I did mention earlier that there were spectators. A little 4 year old boy and his 7 yr old sister, not much help and I believe they were mainly there to assure my complete mortification as I began to cry loudly and writhe on the ground in pain. I thought as I was welling, "What must they be thinking?'" and then "Don't just sit there staring at me...go get some help!" It is funny all the things that run through our mind at moments like these. I kept wondering how I was going to travel next Tuesday through several airports and planes with two kids in tow if I have a sprained ankle. And then, "I am doing a 5k on Saturday...NOOO, I can't be hurt and what about all my hard training for the triathlon....I can't stop now....PLEASE don't let me be injured."
Ezekiel, was standing nearby crying (I think mostly out of fear because his Mommy was wailing and writhing on the ground than from any pain) but, soon I hear my lovely neighbor Melanie pick Zeke up and start comforting him. I was so relieved that help had arrived I think I wailed even louder. Moments later Rodrigo was charging down the stairs begging me not to move and trying to check me out. I must add as a side note here, one I can hardly bare to think about, that the only info Rodrigo had received was that "Go Daddy! Mommy fell down the stairs! Go Daddy" It pains my heart to think what Rodrigo must have thought he would find when he went outside. He thought we had fallen from the top of the stairs and that maybe one or both of us (Zeke and I) were near death. My heart hurts thinking of the brief terror he experienced. He, with the help of our neighbors examined me knee, legs, and feet and all were functioning properly with little to no pain upon movement. He helped me up and to the car (we were on our way to school). As I sat there in the car with my two boys I kept looking at Ezekiel and thanking Heavenly Father that he was ok. My thoughts were a constant prayer of thanksgiving. I could walk. I could do my 5k. I could keep training. I wouldn't need crutches as I travel next week. Father had heard and answered my prayers. Even today I stop every so often and say a prayer of thanksgiving. Now, if I can just get that thinking and walking thing down!
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