Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm A Big Boy Now - Part I

Rodrigo and I decided it was time to take away Joaquin's Pacifier.  I know, I know he is well past three and still has a pacifier?  Well, now, no he doesn't.  A good friend and I were talking one day about how he was still using a pacifier even if only at night and that I knew I needed to take it away.  She suggested that I do something like the tooth fairy.  So, I took her idea and put a spin on it.  This week is Joaquin's 3 1/2 birthday and on Sunday I explained that to Joaquin that when a little boy turns 3 1/2 we celebrate but that at this time he no longer needs a "pete" (short for chupete which is spanish for pacifier.  It is pronounced choopetay and petay for short.) and as a result the "pete" fairy comes and takes all the "petes" and leaves a suprise in return.   We, as a family, decided to celebrate today, Wednesday, which meant last night Joaquin helped me round up all the "petes" and put them in the pete fairy basket.  He then chose a special place to put it for her.  We went to bed and he fell straight to sleep.  Proving my point exactly that he doesn't need it anymore.  He awoke this morning to a big boy dart gun (really for little boys it has soft darts with suction cups on it so it can stick to walls and not harm them :)  He was firmly instructed that the game was not for shooting people or animals but walls, beds, etc....  He absolutely loved it.  Tonight we are celebrating his 3 1/2 birthday and you better believe we are milking it for all it is worth!  Lots and lots of potty talk (as in it is time to use that like a big boy too!).  More on the birthday celebration later.  

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