Saturday, July 18, 2009

"We are family"

left to right - Miss Livvy, Lilah, Chancey, Zeke (in Chancey's Lap), Joaquin and Abe

Here are some highlights from our overnighter!

Joaquin awoke Thursday morning shouting with joy, "My Cousins are coming, My cousins are coming!" He was beside himself with anticipation.

A few short hours later Abe ran enthusiastically into our home and announced "I love this place". I thought, me too Abe especially when you are visiting!

And the fun began...Lehi pool, twirling chairs, Webkins named Custard and Jo Jo, Oquirrah Temple, laughter, fears of gators and crocs, tacos, cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream, cannon balls, more laughter, super dark scarey slides (at least for aunt Karmen), bloody nose and lip from a super hero like jump with a twist, bedtime book, bedtime puppy story told by Livvy to Abe and Joaquin, more laughter, lazy river, super hero duels, some sleep, cleaning, cranberry juice, Power Rangers, gummies, 100 degree weather, Scooby Dooby Dooo Where are you?, lime green and pink toothbrush, yummy bubble gum toothpaste, baths, "just a little bit more comfortable in the water" (emphasis on the little), night lights, dreams, hopes, fears and lots more laughter.
We miss them already!!! Thanks to Matt & Cayr for sending their sunshine our way!!!

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Mariah said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun and made many memories! Wish I could have been there! Miss ya!

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