Monday, July 20, 2009

Movie night - Popcorn Delight

Growing up we had popcorn every Friday night. My grandmother would pop some kernels in a pan with a bit of oil and some salt and "voila" we had the treat of all treats - POPCORN! She would then turn on the TV and we would munch while watching Love Boat, Fantasy Island or shhhhh! don't tell anyone "The Dukes of Hazzard". Popcorn became a must have treat for a night of favorite TV. I think I have tried it with everything....cheese, brown sugar and butter to create a carmel, caro syrup, and my least favorite of all butter. But never in all my experimenting did I find an ingredient that complimented popcorn quite so well as I did Friday night. See we love chocolate with our popcorn and even better chocolate covered raisans so my three year old and I concocted what you see below.

Chocolate Popcorn and Raisan Delight

Chocolate Covered Popcorn Explosion

Chocolate Popcorn and Raisan Delight or Chocolate Covered Popcorn Explosion
Popcorn - as much or as little as you desire
3 squares of Chocolate almond bark
Raisans - I used golden (no raisans in the explosion)
Rainbow sprinkles (I didn't use sprinkles with the raisan delight)

Make the popcorn as directed on the package and pour popped corn in serving dish. Sprinkle with raisans and toss. Melt the squares for 1 min and stir and then continue to melt at 30 second intervals until smooth. Drizzle chocolate over popcorn (use as much or as little as desired) for explosion add sprinkles and let chocolate dry. Then eat to your heart's content!

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