Thursday, July 9, 2009

The 4th of July - A day at the beach

We started the day at the Parade of Freedom bright and early...a little too early for my liking but it was well worth it. The Parade of Freedom is one of the many events of the Freedom Festival is Provo, UT. The kids had lots of fun watching the floats and the horses and the bands(which is what Rodrigo and I enjoyed the most.) As we were walking back to the car we came accross the trailer that had been encased by plexiglass or the likes and the floor covered with sand and rocks with lots of tools for digging. Note from the pictures that it was a bigger hit than the parade :) The company that sponsored what they called "A Day at the Beach" gave the kids each a ballon and a treat when they were finished. Funny, last year on the 4th we really were at the beach with the Selph family. Christina and I were basking in the sun with the little ones while Joseph was giving Rodrigo surfing lessons. Miss our friends at the real beach :)
Afterwards we headed back home for a much needed and deserved nap. I think I slept for two hours which is something I never do! Got up and headed to one of Rodrigo's friend's home (a friend from Chile) wonderful family. We had the traditional bbq which was yummy and great company. As luck would have it one our way home we noticed everyone heading to Thanksgiving Point and concluded that there was a firework shoe about to start. We drove further west up the mountain, toward home so we would have a good view parked and watched a great show for free. All in all it was a beautiful day! How grateful we are to live in this great county and for the freedoms we enjoy! Happy 4th!

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