Monday, January 11, 2010

"Look Mommy I'm a Big Kid Now"

I took my Joaquin shopping for tennis shoes a few days ago and you will not believe what size shoe he is in...go ahead guess...he is a size 1. Increible! He is barely 4 and in a size 1 tennis shoe. On his 4 year well visit last month he was in the 97 percentile for his height and weight. He was 46 inches tall and 46.5 lbs. He is really growing like a weed and the only down side for my big boy is that he still acts like a 4 year old and everyone thinks he is at least 5yrs old. I remember my grandmother saying the same thing about my sister and I...we were tall for our age too. Last night Rodrigo, Joaquin and I were talking and Rodrigo and I commented about how much he is growing. He looked at us and said, "My feet are growing too." Yes my boy they most certainly are :) I wonder if he will continue in this "tall tall course" or if he will plateau and be about the same build as his Daddy. We shall see. For now he is a giant among preschoolers!

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Mariah said...

WOW! That is a whole shoe size bigger than Nolan and he is almost 6!!! I guess there will be no more hand-me-downs!! Tell him to slow down or I won't know him the next time I see him! love and miss you bunches!

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