Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Italian Sodas

I love putting a little something special in my hum-drum days. This week at book club our host treated us to Italian Sodas. Who knew something so simple could taste so utterly fabuloso! I, of course went out the very next day and got all the ingredients so we could enjoy something out-of-the-ordinary in our very ordinary snow bound days. The good thing is the ingredients keep so you can have every day or just every once in a while.
You'll Need –
  • 1 ounce of Italian Syrup – flavor of your choice. So far I have had lime and cherry not together although I am sure that would be superb too. I found the syrups at my local supermarket, shelved with the coffee.
  • 1 ounce of whipping cream – they sell this in pints so you don't have to buy large amounts at a time. *Note – please don't deny yourself such pleasure as whipping cream – which is yes, whole cream. I recently lost 12 lbs and am working on my next 12 all while having whole cream and butter. The key is the amount...all things in moderation right J So let me state now ABSOLUTELY NO SUBSTITUTES!
  • Club Soda – refrigerated so as to not melt the ice
  • Crushed ice
  • Straw – for stirring

What to do and How to do it –

Place a small amount of ice in the glass. Measure out 1 ounce (about 1/8 cup) of each Italian soda and whipping cream. I used a ¼ cup measuring cup and filled it half way with cream and the rest with syrup. Pour into glass. Pour club soda over mixture in glass and stir. Drink…go ahead…you won't be able to stop with just one sip. You'll be hearing that "empty glass through a straw" sound before you know what hit you.

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