Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Point - Museum of Ancient Life ie...Dinosaur Park & The Animal Farm

August has been “Two buck Tuesday’s” at Thanksgiving Point and Ezekiel gets in for free so I took the boys twice this month

. The first time we went it was the very first Tuesday of the month and we didn’t get to the Dinosaur park because it was beyond crowded! We did however have a great time at t

he animal farm. We rode a horse-drawn wagon and played and petted the many different animals of good Old McDonald’s farm. Yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month and we went back for the Dinosaur Park and a horsey/pony ride. The things we do for love, right? We stood in line for an hour for a 5 minute ride. Was it worth it you ask? Yep, every hot, sweaty, fussy moment of it. We were all grinning ear to ear…the boys from riding and me from watching. Joaquin got to ride a horse and I walked with Ezekiel while he road the pony. But I forgot the camera so no photos…SORRY I AM!

Next it was off to the Dinosaur park which was still beyond crowded but not so much as the first day. We looked at all of the exhibits but a strange thing happened…Joaquin refused to look at the T-Rex exhibit. WHAT?!! I know, I think his imagination has increased and now he has bad dreams which I believe on occasion include T-Rex. We ended with a brief play in the excavation play area that felt like a sauna but I grinned and bore it. Joaquin is already at age 3 nearly a paleontologist. He can name almost every dinosaur. We just need to work on what period they belong in and a few other important things J

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MY&KD said...

Looks and sounds like you endured ALOT! Your such an amazing mom! I wish we could have went with you. I have heard lots about Thanksgiving Point and I live hundreds of miles away so it must be worth it!

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