Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scissors...what was that did you say C.E.S.A.R.S.?

OK so several weeks ago we went to get Rodrigo and Joaquin haircuts. Zeke had fallen asleep on the way so I said I would stay in the car with him while Rodrigo took Joaquin. As we had recently had a misunderstanding about how to cut Joaquin's hair with our former beautician(that is such a southern antiquated term, isn't it?: I'm thinking Dolly Parton "Steel Magnolias") Rodrigo and I made sure to discuss exactly what we wanted. What we wanted was that the stylist only use scissors NO electric razor! That shouldn't be difficult to explain. So they hopped out of the car and I relaxed and read my book while I waited for them to return. A few minutes after entering the salon Rodrigo comes out and tells me there has been a misunderstanding and that he can't figure out why. He exclaimed to me, "I told the stylist to only use "scissors" pronounced "seesars". I said well, for starters, it sounds like you are saying Cesars not scissors. "What?" he exclaims and begins to swear mildly in Spanish (ie... dang and shoot kind of words). " You mean there are two more words in English that sound the same but mean something different?" I said No, you are pronouncing scissors wrong because of how it is spelled (in spanish the letter "i" is pronounced like a long "e" in Enlgish) Frustrated he once again returned to his native tongue for relief. All the while I am trying not to laugh because I fear it will be misunderstood and only add to his frustration. So I calmly ask if he would like me to go in and make sure everything is cleared up. He says yes, PLEASE. I wasn't too concerned because Cesar has nothing to do with haircuts...or so I thought. I walked in and announced that I was Joaquin's Mom and that my husband wanted to make sure that I liked the haircut. She responded with "We had a misunderstanding I thought he asked for a Cesar cut." I said oh and thought to myself "What in the hec is a Cesar's Cut", but outwardly just smiled and said OK. I thought maybe this is a popular cut that I know nothing about...kind of like how a "missionary" haircut is defined as a buzz with longer spikes on top of head in the west, and chalked it up to ignorance. Joaquin's hair looked great so I was happy but definitely left wondering. She shapped his hair up the way we wanted and we left happy. In the car Rodrigo begins to give me a bit more detail. He says just after he tells her he only wants her to use SEESARS to cut. She pulls out the electric shears and begins cutting Joaquin's hair. He immediately stops her and tells her no electric shears, which she understands better than "Please only cut with SEESARS." At this point I finally lose it and laugh till I cry as I think about him asking for "SEESARS" and her directly pulling out the electric shears and going at Joaquin's hair.
Note to self: work with hubby on pronunciation of "scissors"

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