Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inspired to "TRI"

You know the thing I like about Conference?  Well, unlike every other thing in life it ALWAYS exceeds my expectations.   This conference was no exception.  Can I just say QUE FANTASTICA! QUE RICA!  QUE BONITA!  QUE ESPIRITUAL!  (on ocassion I get excited in Spanish :)

Before I add my own excited thoughts....I want to hear about your conference experience.  How was it?

more about the title of this blog later :)...

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Fauset Photography said...

Hi! Just wanted say thanks for saying hi on my blog...the documenting life one. :) I love what you said in your profile about asking yourself if you're accomplishing all of those important things. I seem to forget that often. So sorry for the loss of your sister.

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