Friday, April 3, 2009

Casper...The friendly Ghost

As I sit here working on rounding up some insurance quotes, I hear Joaquin in the other room calling for "Casper".  I thought he was pretending that Ezekiel was Casper but when I went to check on them it was cold in the room and I thought maybe they had opened the patio door (they do this sometimes to say hi to passerbys.  I asked Joaquin if he had opened the door and he said yes.  I said why and this was his reply, "Casper can't hear me."  I said oh and locked the door.  He then said to me, "Maybe he is in my room." and he ran to check.  "Nope he isn't here."  A few more calls for Casper and then he resigned himself to the fact that he was nowhere to be found.  Joaquin discovered Casper a few months ago when I allowed him to watch the movie.  We checked out a DVD of the old cartoon from the library this week.  He is fascinated with him.  You know it is hard to teach kids his age about the Holy Ghost.  However, his first Sunday in primary this year they started talking about the Holy Ghost.  I didn't even think twice about it but he looked at me and said "the Holy Ghost?"  it was a perfect teaching moment...I whispered a brief explanation...being sure to tell him he wasn't anything like Casper except that he too didn't have a body.  As a result Joaquin is very intrigued by the Holy Ghost and we talk about him and his role in the God head all of the time.  Joaquin prays to listen and obey his promptings.  I don't think I would have planned it this way...introducing Casper so I could teach about the Holy Ghost but I do know this...if we are in tune with the Spririt He will take seemingly insignificant moments and turn them into opportunities to teach and learn.  How very grateful I am for the guidance, council, comfort, and joy he brings, as I live worthily.

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