Sunday, April 5, 2009

Christ's Last Week

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays but now, after the passing of my sister Caprece, it has even more significance for me.   I wanted to do something special this year.  Something that would really help my family to focus on the Savior.  I did some research and found some wonderful ideas.  I finally settled on the idea of "The 12 days of Easter"  I purchased enough plastic eggs for each of the 12 days.  I put them in a pretty basket so that we can see them and remember.  Each day we will open one egg and do what it says inside.  Rodrigo and I are memorizing a portion of "The Living Christ" each of the 12 days.  Along with the eggs we are following the last week of the Savior's life beginning today, Palm Sunday.  Each day using the corresponding picture from the gospel art kit we will have a devotional and discuss the things that happened in Christ's life that day.  Thursday we will celebrate passover with foods that are typically eaten.  Saturday we will have an egg hunt and I will give the boys a little treat.  Sunday we are getting up to watch the Sun rise.  We will talk about His resurrection and share our testimonies with each other (help Joaquin to practice:)  and have a celebration dinner after we attend our meetings.  It doesn't end there though!  Monday we are going to have a FHE on his visit to the Americas.

Sunday - Triumphal Entry "Palm Sunday"
Monday - The Savior Cleanses the Temple
Tuesday - Scribes question Jesus/Parables and teachings
Wednesday -Scriptures are silent on the events of this day.  FHE and overview of the week also discuss Conference and the things we enjoyed. 
Thursday - Passover, Garden of Gethsemene, Betrayal
Friday - Arrested, Tried, and Cruxified
Saturday - Visits the spirit world - Make Easter Story Cookies
Sunday - Resurrection - "The Empty Tomb" - Make Empty Tomb Rolls as part of celebration dinner.
Monday - FHE - Discuss his visit to the Nephites and have a fun activity.  

I hope that this week will help strengthen our testimony of Jesus Christ...his life, his great atoning sacrifice and his resurrection.

Happy Easter Week Everyone!!!

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Az Kelms said...

Sounds wonderful! We had a special FHE on Monday night about Easter. It was so great. I would like to try out your idea of 12 days of Easter next year. Let me know how it goes!

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