Friday, April 3, 2009

Conference Weekend

This year Joaquin is old enough to begin to understand what General Conference is all about.  So with the help of the Ensign and a few wonderful fellow bloggers I know, we have decided to start a few conference family traditions of our own.

Our Conference traditions  growing up were simply that we always watched all 4 sessions.  I was 9 when we joined the church so some opportunity had passed. But this simple tradition helped build my testimony of its importance.  I grew up with a love for hearing the voice of the prophets and apostles and want to instill that same love and excitement into my own children.   Here are the traditions that we started this year...I know they will evolve over time as will our family but we feel it is a good beginning for helping Joaquin and Ezekiel delight in the word of the Lord.

  • We had a Family Home Evening on Monday which we discussed the prophets and apostles.   Earlier in the day I had removed the poster from the previous conference edition of the Ensign of all of the prophets posted in cardstock and we used it as a visual for our discussion.  I also had prepared a few other fun activites around this theme.  We ended by having Joaquin help us identify each apostle and the prophet on a blank poster.  I was amazed at how much he remembered.  We then placed the poster on the wall in our living room so that we could refer to it throughout the week.  We placed it at their eye level so that they could look at it.  I have been amazed at how often I find Ezekiel standing looking at it.  Anyway, during our Family Home evening we planned and coordinated the rest of our traditions.
  • Each night, at dinner, I will ask the question, "Who is going to speak to us this weekend"  The first night I asked this Joaquin replied, "Jesus."  I said, "Exactly!  Through his prophet we will hear His voice."  He gets it better than most of us adults do.
  • As suggested by a family in the ensign we are using the Friday before to clean and get all of our errands done so that we can relax and enjoy conference weekend.
  • We will have a picnic between the sessions on Saturday.
  • I have also prepared for the kids activites to do during the session that will help them listen as well as a little activity for Rodrigo and I to help us prepare.
  • The FHE following conference we will discuss some of the things that we enjoyed and learned.
  • Lastly but most importantly we have been praying each night for the speakers in their preparations and for ourselves to listen with an open heart prepared to act upon promptings we will receive.
It has been a really wonderful week.  Watching my boys get excited to hear the prophets and apostles speak  we are working hard today to get ready and can't wait for the wonderful spirit we will be blessed to experience this weekend.  Happy Conference Everyone!!!! 

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Mariah said...

What wonderful traditions you guys are starting! You are such a wonderful example to your children and me as well! Love and miss ya!

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