Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Hot me Mama"

One night as I was laying with Joaquin to help him get to sleep and He said "hot me mama". At first I wasn't sure what he was saying and even when I did understand him I wasn't sure what he meant...until he said "I am cold." He wanted me to warm him up :)

A couple of days ago Rodrigo and Joaquin were talking and for some reason Rodrigo had stated that he was a boy (as in male not female). Joaquin promptly responded with, "Uh are not a boy." Rodrigo responded with, 'Well what am I then?" and Joaquin said, "You're not a're just a Daddy" Just a Daddy huh? Sounds like being a boy is a privileged state :)

One of Ezekiel's favorite responses to being scolded about wrong doing is a very innocent and sweet, "What happened?" That is until yesterday. I scolded him for getting on my wet kitchen floor as I was mopping and he looked up at me just as innocently and sweetly and said. "What's the pwablem(problem)?

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so cute! What great little guys! I love Zikie's responses they melt your heart and make you want to laugh. Ella is the same. If there is something she wants to eat (sugar) and she knows she can't have it or I have already told her no she figures out a way to get it her self, then she brings it to me and says peaz (please)..(oh man...)I give it to her and she says...Tint you (thank you) It melts my heart. I know it shouldn't but it does...

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