Saturday, September 19, 2009

Words to live by...for a 3yr old

"Mommy, can I play outside?" "Yes, of course but put your shoes on first" "No, Mommy. I just want to wear my feet on!"

"Mommy, I'm hungry" "OK, we are almost home." "But Mommy, what about the hungry place?" As we pass the golden arches :)

As he is getting out of the bathtub and Mom is wrapping him in his towel..."Jacqi (this is what he calls my Mom...short for Grandmommie Jacqi)....Jacqi, I have a penie" You have to pee pee? No, I just have a penie. Oh, you just pee peed in the the bathtub? NO! I have a penie as he flashes her and points down there :)! Oh, yes you do?!!! She replies That is nice. " I mean what else could, should she have said? I guess boys are just born being proud of their bodies...every last bit of it :) Oh the innocence of childhood.

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Az Kelms said...

My boys are only 2 and they are very proud of their body parts. Hehehehe Aren't boys funny?

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