Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Could Just Eat These!!

Aren't babies legs and feet soooo cute. I love those little rolls of fat...I just want to eat them up:) I was taking a few pictures of Joaquin and Ezekiel watching a movie together on my bed when I was overcome with a wave of "these things are toooo cute". I had to take a picture. It's not just the legs either I want to eat those toes too :) Oh how I love babies. I was at a birthday party on Saturday and a friend had her 8 month old there and wouldn't you know another wave hit me and I just had to hold him and squeeze and kiss those chubby legs and cute feet. I know one day I will be so sad when my last baby has lost all the baby fat and there are no more chubby legs and cute feet to love on...til then watch out Zeke I feel a wave comin on! :)

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