Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bath, Bathe, or Bathing

My yesterday started like any other...get the kids dressed, feed the kids breakfast, read my scriptures, pray, eat my breakfast, plan the day. Well part of those plans included helping my mother bathe my grandmother. We both decided to give her the luxury first and then to take care of ourselves. Mom had everything ready for Grandmama - towels, soap, warmth and clean linen and a change of clothes. She just needed to give her doggeys some water and then we would begin. "Oh the best laid plans of mice and men..." When she turned on the faucet nothing came out. We quickly discovered that the water company was making some repairs so we re-adjusted our plans thinking that the water would be back on in an hour or so. My Mom and Joaquin left to run errands and I laid Zeke down for a nap. When I finished all of this it had been an hour without water. In our modern life of convenience that is a very long time. I waited another half hour - turning the faucets on every 10 minutes or so desperate for water. It was a full 6 hours without water and needless to say Grandmommie's bath had to wait til today. What was I thinking being so desperate for a shower when my Grandmother due to her health is only able to receive a "real shower" once a week...twice a week if she is feeling well. Oh, I wish you could have seen her face when she was through. She sat just a little straighter, smiled a little longer, and thanked us again and again. She just kept saying...."You don't know how much I appreciate that." It is the little things we appreciate the most like bath, bathe, and bathing :)

I just found this post that I began on 11-04-09. Today is 12-9-09 and it has been almost 2 weeks since Grandmommie passed on to the other side of the veil. Though I find great comfort in knowing she is with loved ones and free to teach and serve to her hearts desire....I miss her terribly. What a blessing my month in Kentucky turned out to be. I spent countless hours talking with her, holding her hand, hugging her and telling her over and over how much I loved her. The tender mercies of the Lord once again graced my life. Those days with her have brought me a great deal of comfort and peace. I am left once again with the overwhelming desire to state just how grateful I am for the wondrous plan of happiness and for the Savior and His role in it. He lives and because He lives I know she lives and that we will one day spend countless more hours, days...eternity talking, holding hands, hugging and sharing our love for one another.
Love you so much Grandmommie!

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Karmen I did not know she had passed. I am sorry for your loss. I am happy knowing that you were able to spend a month with her before her passing. What a Blessing! The plan of happiness is just that happiness. Now you have 2 guardian Angels watching over you. :)

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