Monday, March 2, 2009

To Be Honest

This morning as my husband was whirlwinding off to school I asked him if he had the money to deposit in his account. Saturday I had taken a bit from savings to put in his checking to pay a few bills. I put the money on the dresser with his wallet and cell phone and told him that I had done it. I was a bit suprised when he said, "What money? I didn't know what that money was for.?" I re-explained where the money was and what it was for...a bit impatiently I might add. Listening is something he struggles with and I inturn struggle with impatience with his listening...or lack thereof. He of course scolded me for my impatience as I had scolded him for not listening...never listening. I admitt I sounded a bit like my mother when I said, "remember, what goes around comes're gonna know how this feels for me one day...never being listened to." I'm quite pitiful aren't I? :) Then I remembered how he asked me on Saturday night about the deposit and if he should use some of it for gas...When he returned to the room I said matter of factly, "you're lying about not knowing what the money was for because we discussed it Saturday night." He looked at me and this was his response..."if you keep using the word lying they are going to think you are lying....because I don't lie to you that often( slight pause) to be honest." Then he headed for the door to leave for school. First of all I have no idea who they are. soon as he said "I don't lie to you often (slight pause) to be honest...I lost it...I started laughing so hard I was crying. The kids didn't know why I was laughing but because I was laughing so hard they started laughing and or course this caused me to laugh even harder. I knew I had to share. Really, can there be any guile in a man who makes such a statement?


Mariah said...

Love it! How funny and SO Rodrigo!! Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
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Thanks so much!

Shelly Geller said...

So you asked how to cook artichokes to perfect tenderness: It's quite easy to be honest. Fill up a big pot full of water and boil for 45 minutes, until the fall off the core when you pick at it. Make sure the water doesn't boil out of the pot. . . this happens to me almost every time. . . it leaves a nasty smell in your house when artichokes burn:) Then, my favorite (my hubby thinks it's nasty, but it's my favorite thing in the world, and I noticed you liked vinegar) Dip it in fat free miracle whip mixed w/a little white vinegar and YUM you have a really healthy tasty filling dinner, snack, lunch. My mouth is salivating and I already ate 2 for lunch today.:)!

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