Monday, February 16, 2009

Little Girls and Tender Mercies

I was incredibley blessed Sunday to have not one, not two, but all three of my beautiful nieces and my mother attend church services with me. Thanks to Mom thinking church began at 9am instead of the acutal time of 11am I had three wonderful helpers assisting me with the last minute touches to my CTR 7 lesson. They were all eager to help and were lifesavers. I would never have completed my "touches" without them. While we were working they asked if they could attend our class instead of going each to their own. They offered to help with the lesson and be good girls...of that I never doubted. We said of course and they were the perfect addition to our lesson. Mom watched Zeke and the girls, passed things out, helped the children find the scripture references we were reading during class, read stories for us, and held up wish I had this kind of help every lesson :) We finished by attending sharing time for Sr. Primary where they were properly welcomed with "Here we are in our Primary". I think Miss Livvy is the only one that really enjoyed it. I sat thinking this is probably one of those moments that reinforces Chancey's belief that she is too old for Primary. The girls participated and sang each song with enthusiasm...even Chancey...she can't help herself because she loves to sing.

The highlight of the remainder of the day was a visit with the family of a missionary that served in Florida just after my Mom, Caprece, and I were baptized...Lloyd Stanton. There is something so peaceful and comforting about being with people you have a history with. People who know you from your beginnings. Lloyd use to tuck my sister and I in at night with stories from his own youth. We always felt very loved by him and still do. Yesterday was no exception. He married the most wonderful woman...someone I aspire to be like, Tamara. She has raised 6 of the most amazing children of course with Lloyd's help :) When we arrived Joaquin, who has never done this to someone he is unfamiliar with in his little 3 yr old life, ran to Tamara gave her a big hug and said "HI!" All I could say is WOW and well, that is exactly what I felt like doing too, Joaquin. I know the girls received comfort from our visit as well as they listened to stories from their birth forward of baby blessings, birthdays, and just fun times with the Stantons. While we were cleaning up getting ready to leave Lilah says to me, "I really like this family, they are so sweet." I told her I agreed and that we are very blessed to know them. She replied, "Yes, I would be very sad if we didn't know them" I wholeheartedly agreed. I brought some chocolate covered strawberries which Tamara declared were a tender mercy of the Lord. She hadn't had the time to make her traditional chocolate dipped strawberries and had felt dissappointed wishing she had...and there I was with a plate full. He does care about the tiniest details of our lives. The friendship of this family, my nieces and our visit with them yesterday was a tender mercy of the Lord...just the thing I longed for and needed right now.

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Jennie said...

Thank you for the message you left me on my blog. I don't mind at all when people I know pop in and leave me a comment. Your children are precious!

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