Tuesday, February 3, 2009

By one of my favorite memory catchers...Christina

Christina took these the day before we left South Carolina. We were rushed due to the super chili weather but she did a wonderful job as usual. Sure do miss you Christina!!!

Zeke being seriously cold and Joaquin a little goofy

Joaquin Kissing Zeke

Grandmommie Jacqi and Joaquin



Awww you love me! I am hoping to make a road trip to Utah so I can see my favorite SC to UT family!!!!I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

Mariah said...

I absolutely LOVE the one of Joaquin and Jacqi! Miss ya!

kimberly =) said...

Your kids are so cute!! I hope we get to see you guys when your mom is here, that would be great. We could all have dinner or something. How are you liking living in Utah?

Az Kelms said...

Love the pictures. Your boys are so cute.

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