Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey You...It's Me

Truman G. Madsen wrote, “The temple is the catalyst whereby the self is revealed to the self.” (The Highest in Us, 98)

I recently attended an endowment session for the first time since the birth of Ezekiel. Entering the temple that day I felt an awakening within me. I have always felt like temple attendance has a way of putting life into proper perspective but this time I recognized the physical effect that it has on my being. My spirit seemed to jump for joy within me as it recognized this small piece of "home" here on earth. I began to ponder this reaction while I attended the session and more while in the celestial room. Something that came to mind in comparison of what I had felt upon entering was the tumblers in a lock...that is how it felt. Like I had found the combination and each tumbler clicked into place unlocking part of me. Maybe that sounds silly but for the first time in my mortal existence I truly recognized ME an eternal separate being from this physical form. Later that week I was reading a wonderful article in this month's Ensign and found this Truman G. Madsen quote which described my experience exactly. How wonderful to have someone put succintly into words what I felt. What a blessing that our Father in Heaven would prepare for us a place where we can go and remember. Today in this crazy world I am so thankful for this holy place where he reminds me that I am His.

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Caroline Brock said...

Loved the Post, and Truman is one of my VERY favorite authors-always am inspired by his thoughts.
The temple is a wonderful place-it's amazing how it always remains the same, and yet, as the years go by I am always having different thoughts, experiences, feelings, and insight from it. It is us who change, and grow! The challenge for me is to GET there!

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