Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where's the syrup?

I recently took Joaquin in for a haircut and when the stylist asked how I wanted it I said, "You know nice and short like a missionary haircut". She proceeds to pull out the electric razor, and I think she is going to do what the stylist always do... trim the sides and back and shave his neck a little. Nope she just starts shaving his head leaving these wispy pieces on top. I totally freaked out on the inside although all I said was, "you aren't going to shave it all over like that are you?" She said no but then I got even more worried because what was this wispy stuff she was leaving on top? Well, I guess in Utah when you say missionary haircut what you see in these pictures is what you get. Which looks great but I wasn't prepared for it. Joaquin thinks karate must be a part of everything hince the finger/hand positioning.

Last night Rodrigo and I took the kids along with us out to dinner at Carrabas (one of Rodrigo and my favorite places to eat.) Joaquin looked over the kids menu and decided that he wanted the chicken with penne pasta. He wasn't quite sure what the penne pasta was, although he has had it before and liked it. I explained that it was something like macaroni and cheese without the cheese...butter instead. He is a superman fan of mac and cheese right now so that was all the convincing he needed. When the waiter brought his plate Joaquin followed his normal ritual..."It's hot Mommy blow it". He says this before he even tests the temperature of the food. I mean it could be ice-cream and he would say "It's hot Mommy blow it." No matter how many times I remind him that he is a big boy and can blow it himself he just isn't satisfied til I blow it. Guess mommy has magic cooling breath. Boy, he won't believe that for long will he? Anyway, I cut the chicken and satisfactorily blew several pieces in advance and began attempting to eat my own dish. Moments later Joaquin looks up at me, then looks at his dish, then looks at me again and says..."Mommy where's the syrup?" Visions of waffles, peanut butter, and never enough syrup to please danced through my head...Macaroni/penne without the cheese/syrup. I kept my composure and told him with an ever widening grin that this pasta didn't come with syrup but I would get him some. I asked for marinara sauce mistakenly thinking that would satisfy his syrup/cheese craving but no, that was "yucky". Well, he eats it at home. In the end he just had to settle for eating his pasta syrupless which needless to say didn't get eaten. I guess at least the chicken came with syrup/ketchup.



I love his new cut!!! I am sure it was a shock and not what you expected but it looks really hip and cute! thats funny about his food.

Mariah said...

Wow he looks so grown up! Kami said "is that Joaquin?" At first glance I thought it was Abe! He is so handsome it wouldn't matter if he was bald tho! Miss ya!

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