Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Caprece Rememberal

Hi, everyone! Thanks for visiting and sharing memories and thoughts of Caprece with her family. The children especially are going to love reading what you share. Thanks to Cayr I was able to post some very recent pictures of her children. Thanks again for sharing with us! Karmen



I did not know Caprece...but I have witnessed the love that you and your mom had for her and the way you continue to keep her memory alive. the slide show is great! You look like her but not brunette..:)
lv U Karmen

Lisa Strickland said...

If I only had enough time to write every memory that I have of Caprece! The best thing that I remember about her is laughing all the time! Her beautiful smile! How I missed her when she moved away!

Her and I use to sit and try to decide who was going to use their lunch money from that day to buy ice cream at recess from the lunchroon @ school. Then we would sit on the bench and talk and her most favorite subject was DURAN DURAN ! That was her favorite band-music-at that time everything was DURAN DURAN. She know the words to every song! It use to amaze me! I will always remember that smile! I see it in the pictures that have been posted! I will post more stories as I think about it! Blessings in the New year to all of you. Your in my prayers! Lisa Barker Strickland

tjoneswest13 said...

Thank you for sharing the slide show of Caprece and her family. She was my best friend in 6th, 7th and 8th grades - the base to my butterfly on the cheerleading squad, my busmate, and the one who introduced me to Duran Duran. I will always remember her fun-loving nature, as well as her enthusiastic toe-touches and jumps. She always seemed to be smiling, and I see that same beautiful smile in the pictures of her with her children. You can tell in the photos how much she loved her children. I wish the best for them, as well as her husband, his new wife and you, Karmen.
Tracy Jones West

Darlus (Shields) Kinard said...

Caprece--I have fond memories of her as a naturallu beautiful and free-spirited young lady. She was a great friend, sister, and granddaughter when I knew her in Bonifay. She had the ability to be herself and enjoy who she wanted to be in the moment. Full of life and laughter!

kimberly =) said...

Hey Karmen, I know everyone else said things about Caprece a while ago, but I just watched the slide show of her and read the memories of her on Matt's blog & my Mom & I were talking about her today, so I thought I would write something. I'm so glad I had the pleasure of knowing her, she was the best example to me... especially of being a mom, if I can be 1/2 the mom she was I would feel very blessed. Thank you for posting the pictures, they're great. I hope all is well with your family :)
Kimberly Stanton

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