Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morn

Opening the christmas gifts this year was fun because Joaquin kinda gets it now. He loved everything he was given and couldn't wait to try it all out! See for yourself in our little slide show. The boys received gifts from Grandmommie Jacqi, Abuelos and family friends. We are grateful to each and everyone for helping to make christmas a memorable one. Muchisimas Gracias!



one thing I have to add is NICE Jammies Rodrigo!!! he he... Your place looks nice! Christmas is nice when they are little! You need to get Mr. Zikie to smile.. he looks so somber in the pictures.. miss you all!!!

Karmen said...

hey...I was going to say to you how wonderful pictures you have now in your blog, and that you have done a very good job. But now, you comments about my jammies have made me think twice, and I'm not going to say it. Ya, not very nice of you! But I will say: good job! just becouse I'm nice! Rod


hey hey I was not making fun! I just have never seen a guy in full jammies. ;)
hey and since when did you become so sensitive anyway! Buddy if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen! ;)

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