Sunday, February 5, 2012


Please don't ask me why my son decided to pose like this for this picture because I have absolutely NO idea and it has nothing to do with this post :)  

This is my Ezekiel, or Zeke (pronounced Zeekey) as we like to call him.  He is 3 and will turn the BIG 4 in 9 days.  February 14th to be exact.  He is my Valentine's boy.  Well, the soon to be 4yr old boy has been going through some type of phase as of late.  It started about two months ago and it started small, but it has blossomed into something...well, something typical for a 3yr old but still quite baffling for the Mommy of a 3 yr old.  It all started with Spiderman as it often does with little boys right?  See there were these jackets...

This one with Spidey and one just like it but gray with Superman.  They belong to his big brother, but one day I let him where one because he thought they were cool.  That was all she wrote folks because I could hardly get him to take it off to bathe.  He even slept in it a couple of times.  Thankfully I had two jackets so when one was dirty the other I had as back-up.  You can't imagine, or then again maybe you can, the meltdowns that would result if I didn't have either ready for him to wear.  I'm not one of those Mom's that is going to start WWIII over what my children wear.  I am taking the advice of wiser Mom's who have repeatedly told me to "Pick my battles".  What they wear, as long as it is clean and modest, just ain't one for battlin over. So, every day it was Spidey or Superman...our friends dontcha know? :)  And this I could handle, but his obsession turned to his PJ's to one pair in particular.  Betcha can't guess who was on these PJ's?  Yep, none other than our friend Spiderman.  This was really hard because he only has one pair of these.  Do you know he would actually hide them from me when he took them off in the morning?  He would tuck them in a corner or put them under a bed out of fear that I would wash them and they wouldn't be ready for bedtime that night.  

Once his obsession spread to the PJ's it was over for me, Mommy.  Because the next thing I knew he only wanted to wear jeans and nothing else.  And then it was only certain shirts.  One day as we were laying out his clothes for the next day, I had given him two choices and he said no to both. I asked him why and he said, "They aren't cool".  Do you know I rolled my eyes like a teenager?  And said "ok, what do you think is cool enough to wear?"  It boiled down to about three shirts...his monkey shirt, his "Pre-historic fish" shirt, and his googly eye shirt, two of which were too small for him.

Fast forward to today two months later...

We bought him new shoes yesterday, which of course he picked out all by himself.  As I was just about to work on my post for today he came down in his PJ's (an "acceptable" alternative to Spidey) and stood next to me with a big silly grin on his face.  I thought, "What is he doing?" and then I looked down.  He had rolled out of bed and first things first of course, had put his new shoes on.   All he needed from me was a quick tie of the strings.

Will he grow out of this phase?  Maybe he will maybe he won't.  But I want to remember and of course will have fun in the future helping him remember the " SUPER COOL"ness of being him! 

Love you my Zeke!

PS. Bought a shirt yesterday that was actually "COOL" enough to wear without his jackets :)!

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Mariah said...

So he is a spidey lover!! Good to know seeing as though his birthday is next week! I have tons of Batman things I could send him. I will dig around and see what Spidey things may be hiding around here! Such a cute post! Thanks for sharing, its almost like I'm there with you. Ok not really, but it was a good thougt! Love ya!

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