Monday, May 2, 2011

We Do Hard Things - Part II

The good thing about evaluating yourself is the opportunity to grow, to change, to become what you know you can and should be. Knowing that I wasn't pushing myself to excellence in very many things helped me to see the so called "obstacles" or more like excuses that I was using to take the easy road. And if, "I do hard things", then is there any obstacle or excuse that can or should or could keep me from reaching the best within me? (Insert a big resounding NOPE here :)

I decided the first thing I had to do was to choose an area in my life in which I could achieve excellence but wasn't. I chose getting fit. As I pondered all these things I realized some very important things. First, I have to define what excellence looks like in detail so that I know it when I reach it. Second, only I can define for myself what excellence looks like. And lastly, the only person I should compare myself to is well, myself.

I have always been a person that values exercise and eating well but pregnancy wasn't easy for me. I worked full time with both pregnancies and was all too happy to accept complacency :) in my exercise habits. I am living with the consequences of that complacency now. The positive is that I have lost all of the "Zeke weight" but I still have most of what I gained with Joaquin. So, what does excellence in fitness look like for me, Karmen?

1. Exercise has to be consistent (at least 4 times a week) and constant - a lifetime habit even during hard times, no especially during hard times.
2. The type of exercise I do must push my body in a way I haven't has to be hard, it has to be work, it has to be a test.
3. When it becomes easy I have find new activities that test my physical limits.
4. The side effects are weight loss not the goal.

A body that can perform daily functions without tiring, has energy to play with my children, that can tirelessly serve others this is what excellence looks like for me, Karmen.

Interestingly, last night Rodrigo was talking to me about the very same thing regarding his own life. He too wants to leave a legacy of reaching for excellence to our children. It is easy to become complacent when the only person you really answer to is yourself. But remembering my boys and how I would want them to be helps me to push myself.

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