Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Do Hard Things - Part I

I went running for the first time in well, who knows when, yesterday. One of the many things I love about running/walking is that it gives me time to ponder. No, I'm not an motivational tune mp3 carrying exerciser. Not that there is one thing wrong with it. I just prefer taking note of the beauty of the things around me and pondering.

This first day back to a life of exercise caused me to ponder....well, the importance of exercise and even more the importance of pursuing a life of excellence. It seems today we live in a world of complacency. The temptation isn't to fail or do poorly but well to only push ones self enough to achieve mediocrity. This got me to thinking about the things I am "inadvertently" teaching my children. You know the things you don't set out to teach them but they learn from your own attitudes, habits and behaviors. I asked myself if I strove for excellence in the things I pursued or was I just happy to complete the tasks given me or that I take on?

I couldn't help thinking of our recently adopted family theme. "We do hard things" When I introduced the theme to my boys I explained to them that we tackle challenges and that when things are tough we think positively knowing that if we work hard and are patient we can and will be able to overcome or accomplish anything. After all that talking I had to take a long hard look at myself. I did a self-evaluation and realized there weren't very many things that I pushed myself to achieve excellence in. I wasn't doing hard things....

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but you're a mom! that's hard enough sometimes ;) (and also the best at the same time.. ) hug, josien

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