Thursday, June 10, 2010

Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

"Freeze!" This is Zeke's favorite way to insert himself into a conversation, calm tension, and basically stop us in our tracks. Currently, I am the Nursery Leader for our ward and Zeke is one of our many cuties. About a month ago I introduced a game. I cover my eyes and while they are covered the children run toward me. However, when I uncover my eyes they are supposed to "freeze". While trying to teach them the concept of "freezing" I used quite a bit of different body gestures one of them being to put my hand out and palm out shouting "freeze". They still didn't seem to get it as they continued to run fast toward me regardless of whether my eyes were covered or not…or so I thought.

It has been several weeks since we have played this game but just a few days ago Rodrigo and I were discussing something. I can't remember what but we weren't agreeing about whatever it was because suddenly I heard "Freeze!" from the back of the car. I looked back to find Ezekiel holding his hands up palms out. Although, it didn't seem it at the time he most certainly had gotten the gist of the game and then some. He now says "Freeze" when he wants Joaquin to listen to him or when He needs me to stop what I am doing and help him with something. And of course, at the sound of any contention or discord we can count on a strong, forceful, adamant "FREEZE!"

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