Tuesday, September 10, 2013


This is my Kindergartener.  He just started school a little more than a week ago.  He loves it!  He loves everything about it!  He comes home excited that he has homework.  He sits down immediately after arriving home to do it.  This is my Ezekiel :).  He has started learning one sight word a week and is so eager to learn that last night I found him in his bed, pencil in hand and book open.  When I came in the room to have scripture time and prayer.  He looked up and said, "I'm circling all the "thes" in this book Mom."  I told him what a great job he was doing.  I think I've discovered something significant about my Zeke.  He thrives when he is challenged and when we have set routine. His attitude has been that of an angel since school started.  He is helpful, more obedient, and always smiling with way less drama and let me tell you this boy knows how to do drama :)!!

Last week after Joaquin and Zeke finished baths.  I found them on the floor in their room.  Joaquin was teaching Zeke the skills of a good reader.  I could hear Joaquin saying, "look at the picture.  It will give you clues about the story"  Joaquin was teaching Zeke to read.  They were using "Hop on Pop" and Zeke was so excited.  He called me in saying "I've gotta show you something Mom"  He proceeded to read to me the first 8 pages of the book.  When he would get stuck Joaquin would gently remind him of the skills of a good reader.  By the way, I've always loved Dr. Seuss but recently I'm especially grateful for his work.  He makes every reader feel successful and gives even the most skilled reader a challenge! :)

Something that I have noted between Joaquin and Zeke is a bit of possessiveness.  Zeke has the same teacher that Joaquin had in K, which is exactly what Zeke hoped for and talked about all summer long.  The thing is Joaquin keeps referring to what he did and I hear Zeke saying things like but this is MY paper and MY homework.  He needs for Joaquin to realize that their experiences are similar but that this is uniquely his, "The Zeke" experience.  We all feel that way don't we?  We share similar experiences such as child birth, getting married, the loss of a loved one and even though we are so thankful others have gone through the same thing we want them to understand, to recognize that our experience is uniquely ours.

I love you Zeke!  What a fun adventure we are on!  So glad to be your Mommy and experience all this marvel with you!

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