Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today I am thankful for children...for their enthusiasm for life, for their innocence, for their willingness to love, love, and love some more.  Is it any wonder that the Savior has admonished us "to become as a little child"?

This while playing with a neighborhood friend my Joaquin let his emotions get the better of him (this is a super rare thing...Zeke, now that is a different story).  The friend, although repeatedly asked to stop playing rough didn't and Joaquin yelled at him.  The friend yelled back and they both stomped for home.  The next day after arriving home from School with Joaquin our little friend was playing outside with Zeke.  They both, excited to see Joaquin, ran to the car.  Joaquin was a bit hesitant and his friend said, "Joaquin, do you forgive me?  I forgive you."  Joaquin didn't answer but he was listening.  Then his friend looked at him and said "friends forgive friends".  I looked at Joaquin and said that is true.  Zeke, chimed in and said yes, Joaquin, "friends are friends".  There you have it folks plain and simple, straight from the heart!

My boys woke up at 7:30 am this Saturday morning and headed straight for the window to see what the storm had left for us...more than a foot of snow!  WOOOOOOHOOOO!  We love snow at our house! I was still half asleep but I could hear the two of them getting ready.  They were dressing for snow cause the early bird gets the worm(or snow in this case) don't ya know?  Then they headed out back to play.  When they came in an hour later for breakfast (it is only 9am folks and they have already been building and playing away) we decided to go sledding which would include the purchase of a new sled ( a 2 seater).  As we were getting ready to head to the store Joaquin was trying to tell me something but then he stopped and said, "I am so excited I can barely talk!"  Children make everything more magical!

I am so thankful for the two beautiful boys God blessed our home with!  I love you my Joaquiny and Zekiel!

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