Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Done Good! 2011 in Review

Weve clapped and cheered, encouraged, pushed and at times even drug one another along to success throughout this glorious year of 2011.
Here are just a few of our reasons for cheering

- Rodrigo Daddy, DaDa, Amorcito
  • Stayed positive and focused after being laid off from his job
  • Finished 14 classes for a total of 42 credit hours while working part-time and maintained at the lowest a 3.0 GPA
  • Started his first Documentary film
  • Shot his first feature film scene
  • Completed his first half-marathon (Utah Valley Marathon)
  • Discovered the punishment your body will heap on you if you dont train even one block before completing a half-marathon J
  • Was the witness for both my Moms sealing and my sealing to my parents.

- Karmen Mama, Mommy, Amorcita

  • Ran my first 5k since getting married and having two children.
  • Was the escort for my Mom on the day of her temple sealing.
  • Was proxy for my sister Caprece to be sealed to our parents.
  • Completed a half-marathon for the first time since the one I completed with my sister nearly 8 years ago.
  • Trained through rain, sleet and snow.
  • Gave a talk in sacrament meeting (in Spanish) for the first time in 7 years.
  • Re-learned The Living Christ and expanded our Easter traditions
  • Had the most Christ-centered Christmas I have had since I can remember
  • Had my faith increased significantly in the Lords plan for me and my family
  • Made from scratch both my boys costumes for Halloween
  • Saw the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs Christmas Concert Live –
  • Learned about letting others grieve their own way even when it hurts me.

- Joaquin Joaquiny
  • Learned to swim, dive and basically act like a fish
  • Learned to read
  • Played a champion soccer spring and fall season
  • Gave his first talk in Spanish
  • Learned all the songs for the Primary Program in Spanish

  • Was the cutest ring bearer ever for his Uncle Diego and Aunt Brielles wedding
  • Did his first Family Fun Run with Grandmommie Jacqi and Abe
  • Received his first library card
  • Helped Mommy make Christmas goodies to deliver.
  • Rode a four-wheeler for the first time with his cousins Chancey and Jayd
  • Went and saw his first live play with Mommy Seussical The Musical

  • Graduated from Head Start

  • Received his Purple belt in Karate

  • Was a knight in shining armor for Halloween

  • Went sledding for the first time
  • Hiked in the mountains and had a picnic with Mommy

- Ezekiel  Zekey, Zeke

  • Bowled for the first time and whooped our booties.
  • Ate broccoli and asparagus and fell in love with them both
  • Potty- trained himself J
  • Started school (head start)
  • Learned to write his name
  • Rode a four-wheeler for the first time with his cousins Chancey and Jayd
  • Learned to doggie paddle.

  • Went sledding for the first time

  • Learned to ride a bike
  • Hiked in the mountains and had a picnic with Mommy

  • Turned 3
  • Never ceased to amaze us with his hilarious thoughts and faces

  • A pirate for Halloween - Captn Sparrow says he

- As a Family -

  • Toured the famous Esmeralda  from Daddys home country of Chile

  • Attended the beautiful wedding of Diego and Brielle

  • Had loads of fun with Anita, Fernanda, Gaby, Camila, and Daniela
  • Visited abuelos in Arizona
  • Drove the aspen loop and collected leaves
  • Grieved the loss of a pregnancy

  • Hugged a lot
  • Laughed often

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