Monday, March 14, 2011


I wouldn't say I am a "visionary woman", but I would say that at times in my life My Heavenly Father has communicated with me through a dream. I've never thought to record one until now. This one was meant to be remembered. I knew it the moment I awoke. This one was a gift, explaining painful trials of the past and something to hold on to while living through those of the future. It was light and life from the very source. I knew I had to record it, not the details, but the feeling. The feeling of peace, of hope, of light, of love of truth. It was no "Lehi's Dream" but it pointed me to the tree whose fruit is desirable to make one happy, whose beauty was exceeding of all beauty and precious above all. Whose fruit was desirable to make one happy and fills my soul with joy!

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