Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Year of Firsts

2010 has been another year of firsts for my boys - Joaquin...

1st Soccer game and first GOOOOOOOOOOAL!

1st Dance class - I have NO pictures of this first. I swear I intended to bring my camera each week so I could take pictures but I even forgot to bring it the day of the recital. shame on me...Bad Mommy :)

1st Karate belt - (He is currently a yellow belt)

1st Day of School -

1st Solo in sacrament meeting - Joaquin was asked to sing the Jonah verse of "Follow the Prophet" and sing he did! ...that's what Jonah learned DEEP DOWN inside the whale.

1st overnighter with Grandmommie Jacqi

1st 4th of July with Abuelos

1st Sunday in Spanish - (we are attending the Spanish ward)

Acting debut - He played the herald in the "King Benjamin" know the one that told everyone it was time to head to the temple to listen to the King :)

1st guitar lesson - Joaquin loves music and continues to strive and learn from Dad all he can about strumming the guitar.

1st time realizing his little brother is also his best friend!


1st climb out of the crib (he has been climbing into it for about 9 months)

1st time sleeping in a real big boy bed

1st time getting all Mommy's attention to himself (for a couple of hours:)

1st "Boondocks" adventure

1st encounter with nectarines and peaches....YUMMY!

1st sleepover with Abe and Elijah


Mariah said...

I'm so happy that the boys are having so many 1st's, but sad we aren't closer to share in all the memory making! Most of my most precious childhood memories are with you and Precie!

Caroline Brock said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW BIG YOUR BOYS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VISIT! I have LOTS of important things to tell you..........will be emailing you in the near future....!!

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