Monday, August 2, 2010

The Best 4th of July ever!

Celebrating the 4th has always been a big tradition in my family.I have fond memories of cook-outs that ended with fireworks and the belting of our favorite patriotic song…"God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood. Let me just say that Provo, Utah knows how to celebrate this spectacular holiday. With help from this city I think this holiday has moved in as a close third to Christmas. No, believe it or not Christmas isn't my favorite holiday, although I love it. My F.A.V.O.R.I.T.E. is Thanksgiving…it is all about family and being together…but more on that at a more appropriate time…like November J

The fourth of July was Sunday and a counselor in our Bishopric said he loves when the 4th falls on a Sunday because it draws the celebration out for a few extra days. I live in Utah remember J Anywhoo, I completely and totally agree with him so we began our celebration on Friday the 2nd.

Freedom days in Provo begin the week before the 4th and include some of the funnest, family friendly and FREE activities. Friday was the first day of the freedom days in downtown Provo and as per CJane's recommendation we hit the festivities Friday evening before the crowds. This kids loved the bouncey blow-up thingamuhbobs (what are those called?) and we had some super yummy and supper cheap tacos. One of the food booths had homemade potato chips. Had to try them…they were yummy too! Finished the whole shebang off with some gelato a two-fold pleasure for cooling us off and tickling our tastebuds! And we did all of this while listening to some very talented local bands! It was a great kick-off to our celebrations!

Saturday morning we headed for the "Balloon Fest" (picture complements of the site) which begins bright and early at 6am. It is held on Bulldog field where hot air balloons are set-up and take-off. It was amazing to watch, and beautiful, and well worth getting two little ones up at 5:30am. We ended the morning with a hot breakfast. It was decided this is now a family tradition! Later in the day we received visitors – Abuelitos. They came to spend a week with us which included the 4th. Of course this included lots of gifts for the boys….Thanks to Tia Vivi and Abuelos.

Sunday was church and catching up on family news witha surprise ending…our upstairs neighbors invited us to enjoy their fireworks with them. Wonderful family! Wonderful home fireworks show! Wonderful time! Well, with the exception of a little scare with Joaquin. Our neighbors gave him a box of "Pop snappers" and somehow Joaquin thought they were candy and ate one. Gave us all a good scare. I called the poison control center and was relieved to find that he would be fine since it was only 1 that he had eaten. Note to self: tell children what it is exactly that they are getting and it's appropriate uses.

Monday was the Grand Parade which we watched with great pleasure. I still love parades especially the bands! Then the boys rode rides at the carnival and we watched an international dance presentation. Ending what was one of the Best 4th of July celebrations I have ever enjoyed!

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